Angelicalm’s new slogan comes from youzz

9 out of 10 people who try intend to continue buying
"9 out of 10 people who try intend to continue buying" is the latest slogan adopted by Angelicalm. To reach this statement, the brand of products for those who have sleeping problems, resorted to a campaign on youzz, the platform of Influencer Marketing of Lift World. Between September and October of last year, youzz promoted Angelicalm's experimentation with its influencers, also known as youzzers, and the results obtained led to the creation of the advertising slogan. According to the platform, 250 people with sleeping problems participated in the campaign, of which 182 evaluated the food supplement with a score of 80%. The experience generated more than 140,000 personal recommendations and 700,000 online impressions. This campaign allowed not only to work on brand credibility, giving voice to those who experimented with their peers, but above all allowed to listen to consumers and identify some issues to improve, says Angelicalm Product Manager Ana Romão.