Teresa Figueira joins Lift World

"Teresa has a holistic view of the areas of Marketing and Communication, which has been one of the pillars of Lift World's new consulting model, based on the integration of multiple areas. Integrate several marketing and communications tools in a single customer, aligning messages, platforms and perceptions of Stakeholders is the future of communication and that is what Teresa will develop with this group of eight companies specialized in almost all areas of marketing and communication. The hiring of Teresa is a great asset in this consolidation phase of our new organizational model, the GT model - Great, Together, I believe we are very close to the agency of the future, "said Salvador da Cunha, CEO and founder of Lift the World. With 18 years of experience in the communications industry, six of which has General Directior of Hill + Knowlton Portugal, Teresa Figueira has a strong experience in the development and integration of strategic communication programs in various sectors, mainly technology, health, banking and insurance , energy, retail and tourism. She also has extensive experience in managing multinational clients and coordinating international integrated communications programs, and extensive knowledge of the consulting sector in communications and public relations in Europe.