Wisdom Conferences

"Representation of Interests and Influence" was the theme of the 1st edition

Wisdom Consulting promoted the debate "Representation of Interests and Influence" on the Wisdom Conferences' first edition, on July 2nd at the European University in Lisbon.

The first panel, moderated by José Manuel Fernandes (Observador), had the contribution of Henrique Burnay (Eurpportunity), John Athanasius (European University), Pedro Pimentel (Centromarca), George Sandeman (Sogrape), Luís Cabaço Martins (Antrop), who have discussed the importance of Lobbying and Representation of Interests in Portugal showing how companies can benefit from regulation and transparency. In the second panel, Gonçalo Lobo Xavier (AIMMAP), José Magalhães (PS), Teresa Anjinho (CDS), Teresa Leal Coelho (PSD) and Maria Domingas Carvalhosa (Wisdom Consulting) talked about what must change with the Lobby regulation in Portugal and agreed that it's urgent to regulate this activity in the country. Bernardo Ferrão (Expresso) moderated the debate.

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