The premiere of the film “Suffragette”

Cliente: NOS Audiovisuais

The premiere of the film "Suffragette"

The premiere of the film "Suffragette" from Universal Pictures and distributed in Portugal by NOS Audiovisuais, was organized by Wisdom Consulting which was also responsible for the media relations.

The event started with a debate, moderated by the journalist Maria Flor Pedroso, about the progress and current status of women's rights in Portuguese society, which was attended by Maria Clara Sottomayor (Judge Councillor of the Supreme Court), Analia Torres (Sociologist from ISCPS), Teresa Leal Coelho (Deputy of the PSD) and Isabel Moreira (Deputy of the PS).


  • Political Communication
  • Management of Spheres of Influence
Among the 400 guests attending the event, it highlights some female personalities who have had a relevant role in the Portuguese politics, economy and society like Teresa Morais, the Minister of Culture, Equality and Citizenship, Maria de Belém, Candidate for president, or Leonor Beleza, President of the Champalimaud Foundation.

The idea of the debate, the coordination and protocol management of this initiative were responsibilities of Wisdom Consulting. The experience of Wisdom in the management of spheres of influence and on political communication allowed creating great awareness to the premiere.