Casa dos Sabores

Cliente: Iglo

Casa dos Sabores

With the new signature "The Food of Life“, Iglo challenged Lift World to create an initiative to relaunch the brand in Portugal, raise awareness for the new signature and reconnect to the consumer. Thus was born Casa dos Sabores, a pioneer project that consisted of turning a simple space into an intimate house that gathered two essential ingredients: good food and good company.

BrandCook, Lift, More, WOM and High were the companies that created and developed this truly integrated communication campaign.


  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Website
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • Media Relations
  • Event
25 exclusive dinners were offered during the month of May that brought to light the new positioning of Iglo in a completely unprecedented way to consumers. Feedback from winners was very positive, with great content shared by email and on social media. The buzz generated was essential to bring this project to a huge number of people and there have been numerous suggestions for the creation of new editions of Casa dos Sabores. The total reach was 2 million people in Portugal.

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