Exhibition “The HIV faces today”

Cliente: Gilead

Opening of the exhibition "The HIV faces today," in Portuguese the National Assembly.

The challenge was to give voice to "people living with HIV", and to sign the World AIDS Day in a different way, while taking this reality to both country's maximum authorities and to the general public. On the other hand, it was also important to give visibility to the associations that support these patients - to their work and needs of support and treatments - and give a "face" to those who live with HIV today.

To achieve these goals, Wisdom conceived and organized an exhibition about the history of HIV since the first cases to the present, the development of treatments and life expectancy. In this exhibition we can learn more about the current state of HIV / AIDS in Portugal, showing the current numbers against those advocated by UNAIDS. The second part of the exhibition gives voice to people living with HIV.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Vice President of NA, José Manuel Pureza, by the Director of the National Programme for Infection HIV / AIDS and by the Director General of Health, Dr. Francis George, on behalf of the Minister of Health, and the presence of most of the associations that support people living with HIV, as well as other guests.

From January 2016, the exhibition will be traveling from north to south of Portugal, in coordenation with City Halls, in which the signature of protocols with secondary schools and universities is expected, promoting visits from student with 15/16 years old and from the general public.


  • Public Relations
  • Criativity
  • Contents and Materials Production
The great media exposure that this initiative had, once it was an awareness campaign, has contributed to raise the levels of awareness and prevention of the disease among the general public. Now that this is a chronic but controlled disease, there are new challenges to be considered in terms of the overall health of people living with HIV.

In terms of implementation, this was really a rewarding iniciative for the Wisdom team. It was particularly challenging to build the "faces" through long, intimate and very personal conversations with each person to find out their history and identify the most striking emotion. At the end, with the photographer Luis Carvalho, it was possible to give a "face" to each one of these emotions. It was an extraordinarily enriching experience which makes us think that sometimes we judge too much and too quickly. People, all without exception, have in them a endless wealth - their humanity.