Strategic Axes

Integrate, Innovate and Internationalize...

Lift World is now a truly integrated marketing and communications world. We have gone from one traditional communication agency to a reality of 9 companies specialized in the whole area of ​​communication (communications consulting, reputation management, public relations, events management, digital marketing, content production, influencer marketing, training, design, branding and activation). This integration allows us to enhance the diversity of skills, different profiles and cultures, in an organized environment and a dynamic collaborative community.

Driven by reputation management, Lift World is a group which was the first – and so far, one of the few – to make client’s communication and reputation management based on scientifically evidence.

The internationalization of some of our companies is the third pillar of Lift World’s development. Until a few years the group was exclusively focused on the Portuguese market, but now Lift World is represented in many countries with offices in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Angola and Brazil.

We believe that the focus on integration, innovation and internationalization is the path to the sustained growth we seek.