Firefighter from the feet to the head

Cliente: Mosqueteiros Group

Firefighter from the feet to the head

Mosqueteiros Group has once again supported the Portuguese Firemen's League through the launch of the children's book "Firefighter from the feet to the head". With the sale of the book in the Intermarché, Bricomarché and Roady stores, it was possible to involve the youngest in this cause and raise funds for the purchase of individual protection equipment for forest fires.

The construction of the new mascot, Pafi, and the entire communication campaign at POS and digital platforms was developed by BrandCook, High was responsible for the launch and closing event of the campaign and Lift for the edition of the book , media relations, press kit and all project coordination.

This solidarity campaign was supported by the ambassadors Manuel Luís Goucha and Isabel Silva who contributed to the release of the book that was on sale in the 313 stores of Mosqueteiros Group between 1 and 31 August.


  • Creativity
  • Media Relations
  • Events Management
This year, 1000 individual firefighting protection equipment was donated to Portuguese firefighters. 500 were donated directly to the Portuguese Firemen's League by the Group in August and the remaining 500, as a result of the value raised through the sale of the book, were donated to firefighters by the ambassador Isabel Silva at the closing event of the campaign.