Vodafone Mexefest

Cliente: Vodafone

Vodafone Mexefest

Big Fish was responsible for the design and activation of Vodafone's winter festival, nicknamed by the national press as the "most beautiful festival in town."

It created the identity of Vodafone Mexefest, which woke up the city at the end of 2016 with avant-garde graphic language and surrealism.


  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Brand Activation
Big Fish designed a relational strategy with multiple communication arguments that maximized the return of the festival. From this plan, the following stand out:

- urban interventions Vodafone Light Cubes and Vodafone Red Lines;

- Vodafone Cuckoo, who turned the central balcony of the Coliseum into a clock that at the right time sounded to announce exclusive concerts of Captain Faust and Da Chick with Moulinex in this setting;

- the Vodafone Surprise Concerts, free and open to the public, whose names of the artists (António Zambujo and Jorge Palma), schedules and venue were only released on the day of each concert in different media;

- the greatest dramatic emphasis on Vodafone Vozes da Escrita, where national MC´s surprised audiences with the interpretation of texts of their choice;

- the return of Vodafone BUS, the mobile stage which has already been one of the biggest successes of the festival, and Vodafone Band Scouting, a band competition that has helped to expose some of the best new national artists;

- the content creation in social media (Vodafone and media endorsers).

Vodafone Mexefest has more than 50 concerts in more than 10 venues, including the reopening of the mythical Capitol in Mayer Park and shows with Elza Soares, Mallu Magalhães, Mayra Andrade, Jagwar Ma and many more.