From Bairro Alto to Lift World
Lift World was born in December 1993, when the marketing, communication and public relations´ consultancy were constituted: Bairro Alto – at that time, a micro-company of two persons, with its headquarters in the heart of Lisbon, in the neighbourhood that gave its name. Between 1995 and 2005, Bairro Alto transfered the company’s headquarters to Cascais and has annually duplicated the dimension, the number of persons, the Clients and the projects of great relevance. Clients such as Nutrinveste, Compal, Parmalat, Media Capital, Mastercard and TVI, as well as projects like the Privatization of Tabaqueira, the dispute for the control of TVI, the IPO of Novabase and of Media Capital, were part of the first 10 years in the history of this company, which in 2005, gave rise to Lift Consulting, already as one of the 5 main Portuguese communication consultancies. From 2005 and until 2009, Lift Consulting invested above all in organic growth and in the complementarity of the public relations areas. We created for the first time in Portugal a culture of areas of practice, which allowed us to have such distinct Clients as Rock in Rio (Lifestyle), simultaneously with Visa or Fidelity (Financial). They were also years of initial international experiences, with exclusive affiliation to Burson-Marteller in Portugal, one of the top 5 communication consultancies worldwide. From 2009, Lift Consulting started investing in an integrated supply strategy of marketing and communication services. Consequently, we acquired Frontpage (which, later, came to merge with Lift Consulting) and created High Concept & Touch (already resulting from the merger of the events areas of Lift and Frontpage). The following year, we launched More (at the time, Up Digital), covering everything in the digital communication areas - web, mobile and social networks - and Word Lab (specialized in the production of contents). Still that year, we acquired youzz, a start up in the area of influencer marketing and, until now, the only Portuguese company acting in this market segment. In that same year, we also launched Up News, the first Portuguese “Social Media Release”. This was the year when Lift World (at the time, Lift Group) was born, with five companies: Lift Consulting, High, More, Word Lab and youzz. At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, the Group launched Plus to be present in the training and talent development area, purchased the strategic communication consultancy Wisdom Consulting (at the time, Leadwide) and launched BrandCook, a company specialized in graphic design, constituted by one of the best and most prized Portuguese teams of this sector. BrandCook assumes itself, from the beginning of 2014, as a more comprehensive company, adding design to the advertising area. After a year of consolidation, 2014 was the official year of the launch of Lift World, formally Lift SGPS, which holds all the shares of the Group and adopts a new organizational model - Model GT - that puts the integration of communication disciplines and marketing in the center of their activity. In early 2016, Lift SGPS acquired a company that complements the services provided by the group: Big Fish - which operates in the area of brand activation. In the same year, WOM became Youzz and internationalized to the UK and Brazil.