Great Together Model

Integrators, Engagers and Creatives
The GT Model was designed around client teams instead of communication teams, so each client can have a team designed to suit its needs. The model allows building one single team, made up of competencies from eight Lift World companies and organized in three communities: Integrators, Engagers and Creatives. Integrators lead the strategy, the customer relations, manage teams and projects. Creatives are focused on producing rich contents and Engagers are channel experts and storytellers. Together they all guarantee the best results for client's goals. GT model helps the customer to choose the best strategies, the best channels and the best communication tools, assuring the integration of all marketing and communication disciplines. The model also allows saving resources on managing the integration of different agencies, budgets and message alignment, giving the customer the service he actually needs, in an environment where marketing and communication are increasingly complex and interconnected.